Sprautukítti MS K128
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Sprautukítti MS K128


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MS-Polymer Multi-Texture Sealer Grey K128

  • High-strength
  • Ideal as a layering material for the bridging of wide seams and also suitable as a sealant
  • Can be sprayed and brushed which enables replications of original finishes
  • Overpaintable “wet-on-wet”, achieves an excellent instant adhesion during the painting process with solvent and waterbased paints without retouching up to at least 3 days
  • Can be spot welded, solvent-free, UV-resistant, non-fading and odourless
  • Silicone-free

Fields of application:

  • Sealing seams, extensive application for partial replacement of underbody structures, boot, wheel arches
  • Structural seams in engine compartment, boot, underbody structures, wheel arches, chassis etc.

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