Loctite 55 gengjuþráður
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Loctite 55 gengjuþráður


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Thread Sealing Yarn

  • The non-hardening coated multifilament yarn is an alternative for pastes, hemp and sealing tapes
  • For metal and plastic threads up to 6“ diameter made of cast iron, steel, brass, copper, chrome
  • For nickel-plated and galvanized surfaces, stainless steel and plastic material
  • Connections can be turned back for adjustment – no leakages, the connection remains tight
  • The white, waterproofed yarn is directly applied from a handy container. The integrated cutting blade eases to cut the sealing yarn to length – convenient working, no dirt
  • Do not wind the yarn directly into the thread pitches
  • Wind up with tension – recommendation: Roughen the thread before winding up the yarn
  • The container of thread-sealing yarn (160 m) is sufficient for:
    Thread size 1/2“ – up to max. 385 connections
    Thread size 3/4“ – up to max. 260 connections
    Thread size 1“ – up to max. 180 connections

Approved for:

  • Drinking water: Loctite 55 fulfills the requirements of the KTW recommendation for cold and hot water and is appropriate for drinking water up to 85 °C according to BS 6920
  • Gas and water: Loctite 55 disposes of the DVGW approval, Reg No DV-5142AUO 166, tested according to EN 751-2 (class ARp) and DIN 30660