Zincsprey L228 – með flögum
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Zincsprey L228 – með flögum


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Zinc-flake spray L228

  • Highly effective thin layer of zinc
  • Ideal for subsoil structures or as a stable surface
  • Long-term corrosion protection with additional barrier protection due to zinc flakes
    and nano particles
  • Ideal as excellent metal primer for original manufacture and repair of damaged zinc phosphate layers
  • Quick-drying, can be spot-welded and levelled over, good functionality in conjunction with PU and MS polymer sealants, can be over-painted using commercial 1K and 2K topcoat systems (prior compatibility testing recommended )
  • Temperature resistant up to +240°C
  • Drying:
    – bone-dry: approx. 15 min
    – grip-dry: approx. 30 min
    – completely dry: approx. 10 – 12 hrs
    – may be painted on after approx. 12 hrs


  • The parts being treated must be clean, dry, grease and rust-free
  • Shake the can for at least 2 minutes before opening
  • Spray thinly from a distance of approx. 15 – 20 cm (1 spray = approx. 20 µm). There should be a second spray For metals with greater surface roughness
  • Allow to dry for approx. 5 min when sprayed several times

Advantages of zinc flakes:

  • Contact, conductivity and the cathodic corrosion protection remain even when the zinc flakes are being moved as the pigments lie closely on top of one another, improved ability to weld
  • Better resistance against environmental influences due to the long diffusion paths, the penetration of water and moisture is made considerably more difficult as the flakes have a great hydrophobic (water-repellent ) surface
  • Surface of the layer is smoother and stronger, better grip and better layer strength

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