Skrúfjárnasett löng Torx – 4 stk.
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Skrúfjárnasett löng Torx – 4 stk.


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Screwdriver set TX, 300 mm FÖRCH 5*

TX screwdriver with special strong hold (without magnet) as 4-pce set in sizes 20, 25, 27 and 30

  • Extra long blade (300 mm), in order to reach difficult or very low lying screw joints
  • Due to the special holding function, the risk of dropping the screw is minimised when putting it in or removing it
  • Therefore work can be carried out without problems e.g. when the screw cannot be held in place due to a lack of space
  • The useful design length is very appropriate in e.g. removing radiator hoods, motor cowling / hood better and more ergonomically in order to reach the screws
  • Ideal in preventing damage and scratches to paint, plastic etc., that often happens with shorter designs
  • Most popular TX sizes in the car industry in one set


  • TX 20: Back lights Volvo V60 and V70, Mercedes-Benz type 168, 169 (A class, type 245 (B class) and type 203 (C class)
  • TX 20/25/30: All engine compartment screw joints Audi A4 and A6, VW Passat. the long torx can also be used for removing the door lock in the front for all three types
  • TX 27: engine compartment screw joints Peugeot and Citroen
  • TX 30: mudguard screw joints BMW E46, especially for headlights Audi A4 and A6 from 2006
  • Trucks: for Actros headlights