Þrýstiloft og kælispray
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Þrýstiloft og kælispray


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Compressed Air / Freezer Spray Combination

Compressed air (upwards pointed spray head):
• Removes loose dust, lint, paper abrasion etc. from all objects, cracks, joints and holes
• Ideal for mobile use in service and maintenance work
• No condensation

Cold (downwards pointed spray head):
• To locate failures in the event of thermal overload
• Fast cooling of engine parts for diagnostic purposes e.g. checking cold starting devices
• Assists assembly via cooling shrinkage
• Cooling to -40 °C depending on spraying duration

• Operate the spray head at short intervals
• Caution: Danger of freezing through contact with the skin. Keep away from sources of ignition and do not spray onto hot surfaces: Decomposition of the product can release toxic pyrolysis products.

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