Þéttikvoða 1K-PU
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Þéttikvoða 1K-PU

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Gun Foam 1K-PU 500 Plus

  • Moisture-hardening one-component-polyurethane-foam to insulate and fill window joints, window sill joints, pipe feedthroughs, wall joints, wall breakthroughs and hollow spaces
  • Easy to handle due to short compact can
  • Extremely large foam yield: approx. 45 l of foam
  • General building authority approval
  • High sound insulation value: 61 dB
  • Complies with the requirements laid down in the specifications for installation of the RAL-Quality Association for Windows and House Doors e.V. and ÖNORM B5320
  • Very low-emission Plus EMICODE®-EC 1Plus

Processing instructions:

  • Shake can well before use (about 20x)
  • Slight moistening/spraying of surfaces improves the adhesion and hardening as well as the cell structure
  • Adhesion on concrete, stone, metal and wood. No adhesion on polyethylene, silicone, PTFE and grease
  • Use primer if surface is porous or priming
  • Carry out contact tests
  • Water has to be added if temperatures are below freezing point

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