DPF hreinsisett R582&R583
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DPF hreinsisett R582&R583


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Diesel Partic. Filter Clean.SET R582/R583 5*

Cleaner R582:

  • Highly effective special cleansing foam for the treatment of soot and carbon deposits in diesel particulate filter systems of cars and transporters
  • Special cleaning liquid for deep-acting treatment
  • The cleaner reacts with carbonaceous combustion residues and solves them
  • After flushing the regeneration can be initiated
  • Non-flammable, non-metallic

Flushing Agent R583:

  • Special highly effective flushing liquid for finishing treatment of diesel particulate filter systems in passenger cars and vans
  • The rinsing liquid neutralizes the corrosive cleaner in the DPF
  • After flushing, the DPF regeneration can be initiated
  • Non-flammable, non-metallic

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