Rafsuðuvír 0.8 mm. – 5 kg.
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Rafsuðuvír 0.8 mm. – 5 kg.


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Welding Wire, Inert Gas for Galv.Plate

• unalloyed, special solid wire electrode for MAG welding of low-alloy and unalloyed steels and fine-grain steels up to StE 420
• especially suitable for the overlap welding of hot-dip or electrolytically galvanised steels and aluminised and oxidised sheet metal
• low zinc burn-off from workpiece
• weld metal is ageing-resistant and can be processed at temperatures from -10 °C to +450 °C

Fields of application:
• bodywork, automotive construction and ship-building

• S185; S355J; S255N – S500N; P235GH – P265GH; P235GH – P265GH; C10 – C35; DC01; DC03 ship-building steels A; B; C; D; AH; DH

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