Öryggisgleraugu Forceflex – smoke
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Öryggisgleraugu Forceflex – smoke


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“Forceflex” safety glasses

  • exceptionally stable, almost unbreakable safety glasses
    thanks to latest plastic technology (TPU = thermoplastic polyurethane ) 
  • scratch-proof glasses made from polycarbonate 
  • the moulded frames around the lenses offer extensive protection
    so that no splinters reach the user 
  • the flexible frame housing fits the wearer’s face and provides a perfect fit 
  • the glasses frames re-mould themselves after almost every deformity and keep
    their shape when dropped on a hard floor or when accidentally sat on or stood on 
  • sides pieces are made from skin-friendly polymer with rubber for a secure hold 
  • protection from UV rays (UV 400) 
  • weight: 38 g 
  • according to EN 166 F personal eye protection, EN 170, EN 172, ANSI Z87.1
    (American National Standards Institute) certified 

Art.-No. 5400 903 1 Forceflex clear safety glasses:

  • protection against impact and UV rays (UV 400, EN 170) 
  • can be worn for extended periods of time as there is no fatigue or distortion 
  • no colour change 
  • applications: working with good visibility conditions 

    Art.-No. 5400 9033 safety glasses Forceflex smoke:

    • shock and UV-ray protection (UV 400 EN 170) as well as sunlight (EN 172) 
    • applications: outdoor work, work with risk of glare