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Asphalt Paving

• An innovative, newly developed, reactive, curing, highperformancecold asphalt for repairing road and parking areas, made of concrete or asphalt for all load classes
• Hardens very quickly and has very good adhesion to existing asphalt and concrete surfaces, even when wet
• 100 % free of solvents and once cured is fully recycable just like conventional hot mixes
• Particularly suitable for smoothing potholes and frost buckling, filling of drill holes aftersampling, creating ramps and levelling out bumps
• For levelling up road fixtures such as manhole covers or access covers

Your Advantage / Benefit

  • Very easy to work and immediately fit for traffic
  • Once installed has very high durability comparable to that on conventional hot mix asphalt
  • Can be processed at temperatures below 0 °C
  • Especially suitable for repair of heavy-duty traffic areas


  • The substrate must be stable and free of loose particles, coarse dirt, standing water and ice
  • The damaged area should be dry or may be slightly damp
  • Pour the cold asphalt directly from the bucket into the area to be repaired, with 5 – 10 % extra, spread and compact with a suitable device (tamper, vibrating plate compactor, roller etc)
  • After compacting, sprinkle with sand, to prevent spoiling the colour of the traffic area

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