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Rakasperrukítti – svart


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System Adhesive Klimastar FÖRCH 5*

  • Bespoke sealing adhesive for the long-lasting fixture of Klimastar damp-proof membrane and Saniflex 002 airtight layers onto structures
  • Solvent-free, no environmental/domestic toxins
  • Can be applied to -10 °C cold subsurfaces
  • Resistant against frost damage (no loss of characteristics after defrosting)
  • Complies with DIN 4108/7, EnEV, ONORM B8110-2
  • System-tested, resistant to agingfor 20 years
  • Also suitable for other PA/PE damp-proof barriers

Areas of application: 

  • Fixing to brickwork, concrete, plaster, gypsum

Tips of use:

  • Lay damp-proof membrane without stretching up to the point of adhesion
  • Adhesive primer must be absorbent, clean, dry, and free of oil and separating agents
  • Smooth out any uneven areas with more System Adhesive
  • Apply System Adhesive in the form of a 6 – 8 mm thick worm onto the structure; press gently so that a 3 -4 mm wide worm remains

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