Innspýtingarleysir R5000
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Innspýtingarleysir R5000


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Injector Solvent R5000 FÖRCH 5*

  • Innovative, high-performance solvent
  • The product has been specially designed to quickly and gently release seized connections in the engine and cylinder head area
  • Injector solvent R5000 FÖRCH 5* penetrates deep into the pores, thanks to its innovative formula, infiltrates and remove carbonisation and oxidation residues, allowing injectors, injector nozzles, spark plugs or glow plugs to be easily released
  • The dissolving power of the product increases with application time (up to 24 hrs.)
  • Extraordinary dissolving power for quick, safe and gentle dismantling without damaging components
  • Infiltrates moisture and actively and effectively removes deposits, e.g. encrusted dirt, oil residue or resin from the surface
  • Free from grease, resins, heavy metals, silicone and AOX and does not corrode conventional metal and rubber engine compartment components
  • Contains anti-corrosion additives, non-resinifying
  • Low-friction active ingredients prevent tilting during disassembly

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