Hraðlím K134
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Hraðlím K134


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Speedbond Powder K134

  • High-strength transparent cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • Bonds rubber, plastic, metal, wood, bone china, leather, glass etc. within seconds, securely and easily
  • The seam remains elastic for soft materials (e.g. rubber, PVC-material etc.)
  • Watertight, cold, heat and chemical resistant bond
  • Can be used to fill holes, tears, cracks, missing material in a matter of seconds or to reinforce etc. Use Speedbond-Fluid K134 in combination with Speedbond-Powder.


  • Clean the areas which have to be bonded thoroughly from dirt, grease, oil and adhesive residue with 1K-PUR/ASK-cleaner R540 (Art. No. 6110 1000) or with acetone.
  • Fill with Speedbond-Powder in the event of bigger cracks, missing material or to reinforce gaps or hollows. Mask the backside in order to prevent the material from trickling out. Please ensure the fill level is more than 2 – 3 mm. It might be necessary to work in layers for deeper gaps or hollows.
  • Then soak the Speedbond-Powder sufficiently with Speedbond-Fluid K134.
  • Work can be carried out mechanically once the adhesive has completely hardened (approx. 2 minutes). Sanding, smoothing, drilling and varnishing is possible.
  • Speedbond-Fluid K134 can be dissolved or removed with acetone.

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