Loftpoki fyrir rúðuísetningar
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Loftpoki fyrir rúðuísetningar


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Mounting pillow

  • With integrated bend protection for easier placement at narrow joints

Application field for construction:

  • For quick and easy mounting of standard windows
  • The soft air bag protects and prevents defects and scratchings
  • The mounting pillow makes a precise, easy and steppless adaption of the window possible
  • Even big windows can be mounted by only one person

Application field for automotive:

  • For quick and protective opening of car doors
  • The mounting pillow can be positioned easily between door and frame or between window and rubber strips
  • The soft mounting pillow protects lacquer, frames, strips and glasses
  • The valve makes a stepless adjustment of the bag size possible

Working and security advices:

  • Keep the mounting bag away from sharpened and pointed objects
  • A low pressure loss of the mounting pillow has to be considered
  • Make sure that the windows are closed during operation
  • The mounting pillowis able to exert enormous pressure on the environment and therefore has to be pumped up with care