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Most of the heavy duty vehicles that meet the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 legislation are equipped with a SCR-system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). Eurol AdBlue is a clear liquid, suitable for the treatment of exhaust gases in order to ensure to meet the emission standards. Currently SCR is applied more and more in passenger cars and vans in order to comply with emmission standards. By using Eurol AdBlue in the SCR-system, the NOx is converted to harmless water and nitrogen due to a chemical reaction. For proper functioning of your SCR system you must ensure that you only use high quality AdBlue. AdBlue of poor quality which is contaminated, entails the danger of damaging the catalyst. Eurol AdBlue should be stored at temperatures of between -11°C and + 30°C to ensure the shelf life of one year. The product freezes at temperatures below -11°C, however, the product can be used after thawing without loss of quality. Vehicles with an SCR system are fitted with equipment that prevents freezing of AdBlue in the lines and the injector. Eurol AdBlue has a Urea content of ca. 31,8 – 33,2%. In case of spillage, Eurol AdBlue can be removed with plenty of water.


Recommended for use

  • ISO 22241


Color Colourless
Density at 20°C 1.09 kg/l

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