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Oil-binding Granulate Absodan Plus

  • Binds all kinds of liquids on any fixed surface
  • Due to its fine grinding it penetrates easily into the smallest rips and cavities
  • Optimum non-slippyness reached by full granulate saturation
  • Very appropriate for absorption processes which require strong contacts to the surfaces and fast absorption, e.g. on areas with a lot of traffic, where fast absorption and cleaning is often crucial.
  • Quick-acting
  • High suction power
  • Density: 20 kg correspond to 40 l
  • MPA test certificate


  • In order to protect the environment and user having daily contact with liquid chemicals the Federal Office of Environment (LTwS-No. 31) published the “Requirements of chemical binders” .

Use as:

  • Acid binder
  • Binder for alcaline substances (bases)
  • Binder for inflammable liquids
  • Oil-binder type III/R
  • Binder for oxidative substances
  • Binder for aqueous and polar liquids

Art.-No. 6190 9502:

  • Grain 0.5 – 1.0 mm

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